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CAMBODGE - Sihanoukville - Gîte
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Around Phnom Penh

Lunch on the banks of the Tonle Baty
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Phnom Chisor
Phnom Chisor is located about 55 km from Phnom Penh and was built in XI century. The site was then Suryagiri (Surya City). Phnom Chisor is probably the most beautiful perspective achieved by using the Khmer landscape dominated by a hill with a height of about 130 meters. The grand staircase of 393 steps to a height of 109 meters, would be very difficult steep to climb. It is no longer feasible and we now reached the site from the west by climbing the 210 steps about serving the modern temple atop the hill. At the foot of the hill, two temples, Sen Ravang (Buddha lying down) and 700 meters Thmol Sen, both Phillips punctuate perspective. Similarly, in the distance, and a Tonle Om appears Baray.Ce is not in itself a great temple or its level surface, or by Prang Prang primary and secondary locked in the enclosure but it 's exudes a very special atmosphere made ​​by the magical panorama.
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Phnom Tamao Zoo

Phnom Tamao Zoo is located 45 km south of Phnom Penh, is located on an area of ​​about 80 hectares and was opened in 1995.La animal collection consists mainly of species of wildlife in Cambodia, with some exceptions close as this group of lions, a remnant of the early years of the zoo. The discerning visitor will therefore observe a diversity of species often uncommon in captivity in Europe, presented here in groups and in various pens, cages and aviaries covering a dense natural vegetation.
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Ta Prohm - Tonle Baty

Ta Prohm, located 33 km south of Phnom Penh, was built by Jayavarman VII at the site of a Hindu temple khmer VI century (the period of Funan). It remains the central sanctuary. Flukes (1 x 1 km) around him are now filled. This temple of Buddhist worship was overhauled in the sixteenth century. Found there a stele dating from 1574. It is probably at this time that we must wonder Buddha lying on the lintel of the eastern central Prang. Gopura in the North, there is the remains of a statue of Preah Noreay (Naray) of Hindu worship.
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