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CAMBODGE - Sihanoukville - Gîte
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Phnom Ek
Phnom Ek is originally a Hindu temple whose construction began in 1027, during the reign of Suryavarman I and consists of several prasats connected by a platform. Today, only a few sculptures are still in fairly good condition.
A Newest pagoda has since been built next to the ruins of the first temple. This newest is very popular with residents of nearby villages who like to organize their celebrations.
At the festival of Chenh Vossa, which marks the end of the rainy season, the villagers place lighted candles on small boats handmade and make them down the river.
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Battambang : Bamboo Train
This is an opportunity to use the rail network so atypical 2-axle resting on the rails on which a tray made ​​of bamboo, all powered by a lawnmower engine.
The journey takes about twenty minutes but may varies depending on the number of stops made: (Stop mandatory when another train oncoming bamboo. train filled the least worn on the low side but before that you are asked to go down). It is the same for the way back.
At the bottom line visit a traditional brick factory and a typical village.
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Phnom Sampeou

"Mountain boat" located eight miles southwest of Battambang high a hundred meters, topped by Wat Sampeou and dug three caves (Pkasla, and Lakhaon Aksopheak). The name of Phnom Sampeaou is known to all Cambodians because of the legend of Rumsay Sok claiming that this outcrop is the hull of a ship destroyed by a crocodile in love with the beautiful Rumsay Sok, but love was not shared. The lizard attacked Rumsay Sok and her fiance while they were at sea and slew. The villagers punished the crocodile in the sea with drying the hair of the deceased, the body of the reptile forma Phnom Krapeu ("mountain crocodile") that can be seen from the summit of the hill.
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Phnom Banan

Phnom Banan is a Khmer temple situated in the village of Pir Kantueu, about 20 kilometers south of Battambang. Its construction started in 1057 under the reign of Udayadityavarman II (1050-1066) and completed a century later by Jayavarman VII ( 1181 to 1218). It is built on top of a high mountain 400 m and consists of 5 prasats. Atop the hill, reached by a staircase of 358 steps laterite, you can admire the view of the river Sangker meandering between palm trees, rice paddies and traditional villages.
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