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CAMBODGE - Sihanoukville - Gîte
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The seaside city :

Map of Sihanoukville
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Located on the southeastern coast of Cambodia 230 km from the capital by road and four direct connection with the airport via Siem Reap, Sihanoukville is named after the father of the nation, King Norodom Sihanouk (contraction of Siha, lion, and Hanu, jaw). Its construction, begun by the French in order to develop a deep water port, began in 1955. After the end of French Indochina, which has resulted in the removal of access to the sea by the Mekong River, Vietnam has become independent, Cambodia would have such a port that was completed in 1960. Sihanoukville is also needed as the seaside city of Cambodia.

 This is the ideal place to take a little rest between visits.
# You can enjoy the long sandy beaches:
    • Ochheuteal: very frequented by tourists and Cambodians, has many huts by providing chairs and sun loungers and varied menus. Street vendors will offer fruits, seafood and various massages.
    • Otres: less known to tourists and Cambodians has the same device with less than Ochheuteal huts, but offers more peace and quiet.
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# Many people roam the beaches to present their offers excursions:

    • Bamboo Island and its beaches: you go there by boat with 2 or 3 stops diving (snorkel) lunch is included. You also have the option to spend the night in bungalows.
    • Ream National Park: a boat ride through the mangroves, where you can observe the local wildlife will lead you to the mouth of an estuary. After a swimming break, you will be invited to walk into the forest to find yourself in the fishing village where you wait for your meal.
Bamboo Island
Ream National Park
Kbal Chhay

# You can also go to Kbal Chhay waterfalls and spend a day swimming in fresh water while enjoying a fried chicken installed on one of the huts.
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